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The Mighty Sus Chronicles

  • 1492

    7 /4

    Session 1: Meeting Mirt
    Era beginning/end

    Nine strangers meet in the Yawning Portal Tavern to get their first orders from their Harper handler, Mirt the Moneylender. But first, they must fight the giant rats and zombies that crawl out of the Portal.   Pleased at their handling of the monsters, Mirt tasks them with rescuing a captured Harper operative who was kidnapped into the sewers...   The party begins to suspect... Did Mirt know that monsters would attack while they were sitting there?

  • 1492

    8 /4

    Sessions 2-3: The Mighty Sus

    Ventured into sewers. Talked to kobold plumbers and other unseen sewer denizens who refused to open their door to the party. One party member said the unseen denizens sounded mighty sus, to which the Unseen replied "You're the ones who sound mighty sus to me." Thus the party was named "The Mighty Sus".   Maximillion flung open a door to find the captive they were looking for being interrogated by a mind flayer holding an intellect devourer and flanked by 4 bandits. Uh-oh!   After some luck both good and bad, the party rescued the unconscious Harper agent and barely escaped with their lives. Mind Flayer left through a portal, seemingly unbothered by the struggling party.

  • 1492

    9 /4

    Session 4: Romantic Interlude (LEVEL 2)
    Life, Milestone

    Spent time chatting with people in the Yawning Portal and recovering from their narrow escape from the mind flayer. Maximillion flirted with the Harper agent they had rescued (Jaxxon Fletcher), Leaf flirted with Floon about books, and Deklar arm-wrestled with a half-orc with a flying snake tattoo on her wrist. Joker jammed with bards on stage while Griffith watched, and Farryn talked to SP4-RKY about P-1T. Dell chatted with Azon while keeping an eye on Maximillion.

  • 1492

    10 /4

    Sessions 5-8: Blue Alley
    Discovery, Exploration

    Mirt sends The Mighty Sus into Blue Alley to retrieve a celestite unicorn that was stolen from him. They split up to cover more ground. The deathtrap lives up to its name, being particularly hard on poor Dell, who escapes near death several times.   Griffith saves the shards of a gem, while Leaf keeps a disfigured Flying Sword. Dell finds a MOONTOUCHED RAPIER, and Maximillion finds the unicorn. The party meets back up at the entrance to discuss their findings, and the unicorn statue speaks telepathically to Maximillion! He promises to take her to his mother to see about turning her back into a unicorn, but upon returning to the Yawning Portal, hands her over to Mirt instead, swayed by Mirt's insistence that it will take more than Maximillion's mage mother's power to accomplish this task.

  • 1492

    11 /4

    Sessions 9-11: Return to Blue Alley

    Maximillion has a conversation with Volothamp Geddarm about mind flayers and intellect devourers, and comes to a disturbing conclusion about Jaxxon.   The Mighty Sus return to Blue Alley in search of treasure behind previously locked doors. A room full of beartraps proves more dangerous than the rest of the Alley. Leaf braves the traps and a hall of whirling blades to find a single copper piece. Andreas finds a TALKING DOLL that he names Sussy the Plushie and makes the party mascot.

  • 1492

    12 /4 01:00

    Session 12: Party Planning (LEVEL 3)
    Life, Milestone

    The Mighty Sus escape the bear traps and leave Blue Alley. Mirt, Jaxxon and Volo aren't at the Yawning Portal, so they go to Maximillion's family home to plan a party.   Meanwhile, Jaxxon infiltrates the Zhentarim.

  • 1492

    12 /4 02:00

    Sessions 13-17: Triple-Agent Egg Heist
    Criminal Activity

    Jaxxon learns that the Zhents are about to heist a safehouse allied with the Xanathar Guild in order to steal some very powerful monster eggs. The Zhents would rather the hatched monsters be under their control, not Xanathar's, and Jaxxon reports as much to his Harper handler, Mirt.   Mirt sends the Mighty Sus to scope out the place. Jaxxon and his Zhent crew are already there. The heist goes wrong almost as soon as it begins, but they still manage to accquire not only the target eggs, but three other eggs as well. Maximillion accidentally kills a gang member with a Thunderwave spell, and Dell gets arrested for failing to blend in to the crowd during their escape.   In the sewers, Maximillion, Joker, and Griffin interrogate Jaxxon, who admits to being an intellect devourer working for a knowing "master" (mindflayer Nihiloor), but won't tell them everything they want to know, for their safety.

  • 1492

    13 /4

    13 /5

    Sessions 18-24: Long Awaited Downtime

    Mirt springs Dell out of jail. The Mighty Sus decide to keep Jaxxon around despite the risks.   A month passes, during which time Deklar hatches Jimothy the owlbear cub and Dell hatches Jack Pepper the pseudodragon and Mozzarella the faerie dragon. They also do odd jobs like clearing out a cellar full of troglodytes and have a party at Maximillion's parents' house.   At the party, Dell and Maximillion get a drunk Mirt stuck in Max's parents' bathtub. Volo mentions he bought a supposedly haunted house, and Lady Laeral Silverhand suggests that a Dealmaker of the Feywild might be able to help them with both their Jaxxon problem and the celestite unicorn.

  • 1492

    14 /5

    Sessions 25-31: Volo's Haunted House
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Mighty Sus help Volo investigate the supposedly haunted Trollskull Manor. Dell finds the ghosts of two children who had been locked in their room because of a "monster" in the basement, and promises to get rid of the monster for them. The party discovers that there was a mind-flayer worshipping cult in the basement who overstepped the bounds of science to create a grotesque abomination of a beholder crossed with a mind flayer (aka a mindwitness). They defeat the monster and convince the ghost kids to come with them to enjoy an outing at the carnival before they are laid to rest.

  • 1492

    15 /5

    Sessions 32-34: Witchlight Carnival Diversion (Level 4)
    Life, Milestone

    The Mighty Sus take the ghost kids and Jaxxon to the carnival to have some fun. Towards the end of the night, Maximillion and Jaxxon steer their bubble rides to pop over the staff area and are immediately escorted off the premises.

  • 1492

    16 /5

    Sessions 35-38: Dealmaker of the Feywild
    Discovery, Exploration

    The Mighty Sus venture into the Feywild with Jaxxon and Primara, the Celestite Unicorn in search of the Dealmaker. Along the way to the archfey's keep, they encounter a man spinning gold into magic items, a sentient mushroom, and a treehouse full of feywild kids. Once they reach the keep, they find a table set with food and eat from it, inadvertently placing themselves in debt to the archfey.   When the Dealmaker appears, he demands a year from the life of each who ate, magically siphoning off their youth into a tangible vial. In exchange for crafting a restoration potion for Primara, he has them kill a Jabberwock to retrieve the ingredient it ate. Unasked, he also crafts a potion to make Jaxxon fully human, which Jaxxon takes in exchange for his memories as an intellect devourer.   They return to Waterdeep in the middle of a snowstorm, discovering that almost a year has passed here while they were in the Feywild for only a day.

  • 1493

    9 /2

    Sessions 39-42: The Missing Year
    Criminal Activity

    The Mighty Sus acclimate to the apparent time skip, reporting directly to Lady Laeral Silverhand to find out what they missed. She tells them about missing persons, the odd peace between the Zhentarim and the Xanathar Guild, and the increased prevalence of Kuo-toa in the city. They tell Mirt about Jaxxon's transformation, then go to Volo's house to say hi.


    Finding Volo's house empty, they inquire at the local Watch station, where it is revealed that Volo is among the missing persons that day! The party hires a man to translate Undercommon for them, then kidnaps two Kuo-toa off the streeet. Taking them back to Max's parent's wine cellar, they interrogate the Kuo-toa and attempt to make Sussy the Plushie the Kuo-toa's new god.


    They information they learn leads them to a warehouse which the Kuo-toa used as a waypoint for ferrying kidnap victims into the sewers for Nihiloor the Mind-flayer. Thankfully, Volo is found safe, hiding in a closet.

  • 1493

    10 /2

    11 /2

    Sessions 43-47: Nihiloor's Folly (Level 5)
    Life, Death

    The Mighty Sus descend into the sewers and discover the Mind-flayer Nihiloor's lab. They free the kidnapping victims and kill all the intellect devourers in the pool, before settling in to ambush Nihiloor when he returns.   They make quick work of finishing off Nihiloor, then return to the surface to plot their next move: erradicating the Mind-flayers of Undermountain.