The Deadlands

If you set off to the west, in the no man's land between the Underworld and Broceliande, you will soon reach the Deadlands. Once the land was a patchwork of lush grassland, forests and market gardens as far the eye could see. Home of the Prospero, the richest people of all the three worlds, it attracted scholars and merchants from all the worlds.   How it became a stone wasteland is anybody's guess. Roaming dragons flaming the ground. A virulent form of Stone Sickness infecting the land. A wizard's spell gone wrong. Many scholars believe it was Merlin's splitting of Broceliande from the Earth itself that may have played a role.   Whatever caused the catastrophe, no one alive can say for sure, but the devastastion is undeniable. Once teaming with life, the DeadLands are now home to very few creatures. One of the most tenacious is commonly referred to as the The Bone Fish It dines upon the many skeletons that were stuck in the blasted stone that is all that is left of the rich lands of .


The blasted rock is as inhospitable as it looks. Few creatures live here and the ones that do, are more likely to eat you, than you are to eat them.

Localized Phenomena


Natural Resources

Dragon Bone
Bone fish poison


Enter the DeadLands at your own risk.


Do not talk to the Wraiths. We say this, not because they are particularly dangerous— although they have been known to play deadly pranks—but more because they will talk your ear off given half a chance.
Bring water or die. Expect to go through 6-7 pints a day
— The Wanderer
Alternative Name(s)
Stone Lands. Also, previously known as Allura, the DeadLands was the most prosperous part of Brodeliande, leaving a hole in culture and trade that's still being felt today.
Inhabiting Species


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