Starship Revelator

A Second Republic naval escort converted to independent trader converted to noble's personal starship.   A cargo lift is located starboard aft and serves all 3 decks. Under typical operation with passengers, the crew will lock out the lift from serving the top-most, passenger, deck. A central ladder shaft also connects all 3 decks. On the passenger deck, the shaft opens into a secure compartment that leads to the medbay.   There are dorsal and ventral airlocks on the passenger and cargo decks, respectively, that can accommodate 2 human-sized people in spacesuits at a time.   The Revelator's interior is neat, well-lit, and modern. The passenger deck is more comfortably appointed than the crew deck, but the crew deck is far from spartan, with spacious berths and roomy, well-appointed galley, lounge, and service spaces.

Weapons & Armament

Forward-mounted light slug gun
Light laser in a dorsal mounted turret aft
Starboard-mounted light laser and light slug gun
Port-mounted light laser and light slug gun

Armor and defense

40 Vitality
2/2 Shields

Communication Tools & Systems

Radio, range 25


Radar, range 5
EMS, range 5
Neutrino, range 5

Additional & auxiliary systems

2 6-person Escape Pods
The Revelator
HV Revelator
8% of light speed at full thrust
Complement / Crew
Minimum 2, Maximum 6
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
80 tons; 5 passengers; 2 passenger servants; 2 crew servants

Map Key

Compartment Description
1 Bridge
2 Crew Galley/Lounge
3 Work/Drill Space
4 Captain's Office
5 Captain's Lounge
6 Captain's Quarters
7 Captain's Head
8 Officer Berth
9 Officer Berth
10 Officer Berth
11 Officer Berth
12 Officer Berth
13 Crew Head
14 Crew Laundry
15 Servants' Quarters
16 Ship's Stores
17 Escape Pod
18 Escape Pod
19 Passenger Berth
20 Passenger Berth
21 Passenger Berth
22 Cargo/Stores
23 MedBay
24 Secure Crew Compartment
25 Passenger Head
26 Passenger Luggage Hold
27 Servants' Quarters
28 Ship's Stores
29 Passenger Galley/Lounge
30 Luxury Passenger Berth
31 Luxury Passenger Head
32 Engineering Bay
33 Aft Cargo Hold
34 Secure Crew Compartment
35 Forward Cargo Hold


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