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Little Sasha

The Ainsworth Amalgamation

Sasha Ainsworth (a.k.a. Little Sasha)

Once a proud member of the Ainsworth Family, now nothing more than a shell of her former self.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A lovely girl dressed in a deep blue gown, her flesh stitched together by seams to the point that not even her eyes are the same colour. Without anything to keep her from aging, she is eternal.

Body Features

Sasha appears like a Human female, but beyond her somewhat humanoid appearance her body is a mixture of several types of people. Due to nearly 100 years of reconstructing surgery and replacing organs and skin, Sasha has become a mixture of several different humans of various degrees of skin colours. Anything from pale to decently tanned, although darker skin tones are less prominent on her.

From there her hair is a relatively blond colour, with a few strands of ginger and brown hair found between, tied neatly in a pair of pig tails.

Facial Features

Her face is remarkably scarred by her years of self-surgery, having stitches of skin showing through her face, even one going right through her eyelid. Both eyes are a different colour, one being blue and the other green, as her scars are hidden amongst some make-up with mascara, a soft blush, eye shadow and more.

Identifying Characteristics

The most noticeable feature of Sasha is her somewhat crooked smile, as years of surgery on herself has lead to the girl ended up scarring her face a bit, stitch wounds visible around the corners of her mouth.

Apparel & Accessories

Sasha has a large closet of dresses and gowns she got from her father, but she preferably tends to walk around in a blue gown that goes all the way down to her feet, wearing long white gloves to cover her fingers. Additionally, she often keeps her hair in pig tails with a few clips, each clip having the emblem of her house on them.

Specialized Equipment

While no master in hand to hand combat, Sasha is surprisingly swift and deadly with the blade, being capable of doing either precision work with removing organs and body parts, or just being such a deadly striker she can kill someone with just a few stabs in the intestines.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Ainsworth family, Sasha was one of three sisters that grew up in their father's house in Lyfthem, being the youngest of the three. However, at the early age of 8 she began to suffer under a organ failure disease that led to her body slowly failing over the course of the next few years. While the first few months the family could help her stay alive, soon enough major organs began to fail, to which Sasha luckily got help from her own sisters.

With some surgery her oldest sister, Susan Ainsworth was capable of donating a kidney to her sister, ensuring the survival of the girl for a couple more years. Only a few months later Susan ended up dying in an accident on the stairs, leaving Sasha to discover quickly how her sister's death wasn't permanent. Since she has donated her kidney to Sasha, Susan kept on living inside of the mind of Sasha, a confusing lifestyle at first that both got used to.

As Sasha grew older, she quickly came to realise that her disease kept on going, which lead to even cases of parts of her skin starting to rot. As such, after her father's death, she sought to get donors as well from questionable markets, but quickly found out that most of her donors left much to satisfy. With her other sister Stéphanie Ainsworth ending up discovering what Sasha did to their father's fortune, she quickly came back to discuss the situation...With results that didn't go as well as thought. As Sasha was clearly beginning to go a bit mad of the Soulbound nature, she grabbed a nearby knife and butchered her sister's body with it, killing her in that instant.

As she found herself soon with the body of her sister, Sasha finally snapped, and began to just use the body parts she could salvage to later on use on herself, only adding onto the conditions and multiple personality disorder she began having. But yet, as her disease has been spreading out, she soon enough began hunting down poor girls and people to use as donors, over the years collecting entire piles of bodies or just leaving people passed out with an organ removed from their intestines. To this day she hides in Ainsworth Mansion, during nights going out and hunting down victims to prolong her life for as long is possible.

Personality Characteristics


Sasha is driven by her own nature to survive, despite being almost over a hundred years old. Nobody knows why she is still keeping up with her murder craze, but some rumours have been spread of her being so split in her personalities that the only thing that drives her further is her uncontrollable urge to survive.

Vices & Personality flaws

Due to Sasha's Soulbound nature, she is simply insane and has a rather unfocused mindset with so many thoughts filling her head. As with her constant state of organ failure and decay, she has become a very unsocial person, being self-aware of her decaying health but refusing to give up on it, preferring to murder people than to finally give in and eternally rest.

Personality Quirks

Due to the constant itching of her skin with the stitches, Sasha tends to have a small twitch in her right eye. Additionally, she tends to often scratch at her stitches around her elbows, making the skin from there often peel loose to the point she has to stitch it back up.


Family Ties

Susan Ainsworth

Susan was the oldest of her sisters and as such, she was always the one that Sasha looked up at, both figuratively and literally, especially after the donor of her. After she died and her soul became part of Sasha, the two slowly were beginning to reach a point where Susan could only witness her young sister mentally decay in front of her eyes, helpless to save herself or her sister from a faith worse than death.

Stéphanie Ainsworth

While Stéphanie was but a third wheel in the entire situation, only a few years after the death of their sister Susan moving abroad to study in Roselia, she only would find her sister years later to be already losing her marbles. When confronting her, the situation ended up going from bad to worse, as Sasha lunged out and killed her own sister in cold blood, permanently snapping the mind of Sasha in that moment.


Despite being a frankensteined monstrosity, Sasha is well-mannered and noble in her behaviour, knowing the basics of living a noble life: walking upright, eating knife and fork, speaking with two words, the list goes on.

Hobbies & Pets

Since she doesn't go out that much, Sasha spends most of her time in her room working on stitching dolls and stuffing them up, often getting inspiration from memories of past victims, putting them in her doll room. Besides her role of stitching dolls, she also occasionally writes books and even sketches a bit... Though as her mind decays, even those skills of hers begin to fade away.


Agggh, how glad for you to come by. I feared that I would have to go out that late at night all by my own, you wouldn't let a lady run out there when there's robbers and burglars at night right? Take a seat, you must be thirsty.
— Sasha Ainsworth normally
Stand still, we can't have you run off! We need to survive, we need to live! Without you, we'll perish, she'll perish, I'll perish!
— Sasha Ainsworth breaking down in front of a victim

Wealth & Financial state

Being the only alive inheritor of the Ainsworth family fortune, she owns the Ainsworth Mansion and all the land around the mansion in Lyfthem. Although the place has seen better days, she still has a good valuable net worth and has enough fortune to sustain her own illegal activities on the black market.

Since no fortune is infinite however, Sasha does get some of her incomes from Lyfthem Black Market, mainly in regards to things in regards of body parts and necromantic pieces. Additionally, with some of the murders she has done, she does get some money from stolen goods and robbing her victims, before eventually selling their bodies on the black market.

Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Ainsworth Mansion
Year of Birth
654 (130 years old)
Ainsworth Mansion
Current Residence
Ainsworth Mansion
Biological sex
Blue & Green
Blond and in pig tails
1.67 meters
Aligned organization
Ainsworth Family

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3 Dec, 2018 12:57

Love this! At first it seems like a stereotypical exposition of the cute girl and her evil nature, but the more you read the more you realize there's not much left of the cute girl. A really well-crafted, horrifying character, very believable!

3 Dec, 2018 13:31

Thanks! I originally made her but a creepy child character, but slowly over time I wanted to make her background more believable and her actions more realistic, slowly turning her from but a creepy-smile kid to a woman who has clearly lost it trying to survive the decades and having lost any sense of self-control doing so. Essentially she got addicted to the drug of life in a sense :p

3 Dec, 2018 19:18

Gosh darn this is a messed up character. A true descent to depravity. Impressive writing, the only thing I'd love to see is some extra bb code to break up some of the larger sections.   Keep up the great work!

3 Dec, 2018 22:27

Well that was horrifying. XD   It's a phenomenal concept and well executed, but how on earth does she stay under the radar? Does anyone know of it? Does she have henchpeople? Do teenagers break into her mansion on a dare, only to be picked off one by one in more and more grisly ways?   What are her interactions with the world like, beyond the point of a knife?

4 Dec, 2018 05:40

Sometimes some people tend to sneak into her house only to be indeed surprised by her, since it has been over 100 years that she really went out in public that much, or at least in town. For as how she interacts with the outside world, she rarely does and if she does, she often is going out to one of Lyfthem's black markets to hopefully find someone she could use as spare parts, if not just get some food of her own late at night.

4 Dec, 2018 00:51

Well, that's a really messed up noble right there. Does anyone else realize what she's done to herself? DId anyone ever come looking for Stephanie after she hadn't been heard from?   Does she haunt the place in a sense?

4 Dec, 2018 05:46

Yup she haunts the place, hence some people call her the "ghost of Ainsworth Mansion". As for why nobody really looked for Stephanie, roselia and lyfthem are a bit in a long distance from one another, so few people actually went to look for them and those who did, vanished the same.

4 Dec, 2018 09:15

How is she maintaining financial independence if she murders everyone? Especially if she is running a mansion. Past that, the article is fairly gruesome but overall an enjoyable read.   "Since she has donated her kidney to Sasha, Susan kept on living inside of the mind of Sasha, which she was glad for however." You probably shouldn't end a sentence/paragraph with "however". It makes it a bumpy read.

4 Dec, 2018 17:26

I added some more financial incomes, and also changed the grammar a tiny bit.

4 Dec, 2018 14:32

Awesome idea, i really like the psychological effects you hint at throughout the article. She has suffered several traumas and her brain is, as it would seem, both figuratively and literally falling apart lol. I am curious about more subtle psychological effects. It can be assumed she talks to herself and you kind of state that she is prone to emotional outbursts. I may have missed it but does she need to sleep at all? If so does she have Night terrors? does she sleepwall or grind her teeth this needing more donors? Have the years maybe brought on a bit of dementia or possibly schizophrenia. Does she hallucinate in her isolation? On the same note what about anorexia or bulimia, as she can't eat to much in fear of ruining her stomach or stretching her new skin maybe? This would open doors to obsessive or compulsive behaviors or maybe just being germaphobic due to her needs of a sterile environment. I find immortals would be the worst people to be in reality. That's a lot of time for trauma and a lot of time to think about it. I'd really like to see what goes on in her mind and how it plays out.   I love the article, as I'm sure you can tell it gets the wheels turning. It was actually hard to stop myself from continuing. Lots of awesome stuff here.   On the grammar side, which i hate mentioning just cause no one wants to hear about grammar, something i noticed is that you use the word "however" in the same context quite often. I assume this hasn't been fully edited but it's a weird thing i noticed and in sorry that isn't very helpful to the creative side of the article. All in all tho it's fantastic and makes me want to read further :)

4 Dec, 2018 18:12

I'm glad you love the article! I did pour my heart a little bit in it, as I took your grammar notes and changed some of the "howevers" here and there too. As for the rest of her effects, I'm going to be writing a diary that goes into detail about this girl's breakdowns.

4 Dec, 2018 19:58

And that earned a follow. I will be looking for that one lol thanks!