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A setting loosely inspired by fairy tales, Gothic horror and 18th century Europe. Instead of knights, castles and dragons, think highwaymen, pirates and werewolves. Though it is set further in time than medieval fantasy, the firearm never really developed how it did in our world due to a variety of factors; chief among them being the absence of large scale battles, where early firearms were most useful.   To the commoners of Neufẹ̄ld, the known world consists of isolated compounds, surrounded by woodland and plains in all directions. These hamlets trade with each other, but most people rarely venture outside of their hometown; for out there in the wilderness every beast known to man is dangerous and hungers for human flesh.   These creatures - the Nīthissaunt - have the ability to sense magic dispersed into the air; such magic is outlawed by most civilisations.   Sorcerers naturally leak magic and most are cast out when their powers emerge. The clans of banished sorcerers are known as Yọ̄mer; though clans can vary greatly in culture.   Those who wish to travel between settlements often hire the assistance of the Roadmen, a group of skilled navigator-mercenaries who will escort paying customers safely to their destination, and have access to safe-houses along the way.     Those who have ventured to the east speak of the Framandi, terrifying giants beyond the sea who live in the mountains of a far away island. To the north, beyond vast jungles are rumours of a strange people who do not age, tire or hunger.   The known world is most likely but a fraction of what is out there, waiting to be discovered.

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Seeing the wilder world

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

An attempt to rework "Lost Mine of Phandelver" to work for my setting

The Campaign is Full