The Shield

Idon, Zyla, Narion, and Volnir were talking. Ykona had tried to join them, but the original quartet told her they needed to talk alone. Atia watched them from a distance away, not trying to overhear. Adea and Ykona were on the other side of Zyla's cave, musing to each other.   Atia's ears pricked up at the faint sound of a voice. They closed their eyes and scanned the Heartlands for which holy site it might be coming from. When their gaze landed on the Eight Trees Clearing, they were surprised--no one had gone there to pray in months. Still, they focused in on the tiefling who was sitting in the clearing. He was praying for help with the Sileneans. If only he knew they were trying to come to a decision already...   Atia looked at the quartet, then Ykona and Adea. None of them were paying attention. They hesitated for a moment, then quietly slipped out of the cave. The mortals deserved to know their gods had not abandoned them.   They flew down, crossing the boundary between the mortal plane and the divine with ease, and circled above the trees before landing and appraising the tiefling. They could tell his desperation without effort, so they dipped their head to him and wasted no time.   "Hello, young one. You need our help. And we will offer it."


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