The Pen and the Sword II

My father was delighted that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He promised to teach me everything he knew, and he did. It went slowly at first, when I was too young to understand everything. But I did my best to absorb what he told me.   Being a good archaeologist is quite complicated. As much as my father wished he could give me everything I needed, he knew there were many places I wouldn't be allowed to go without a certification. And there was only one place to get that: the universities of Thaybia.   My parents were reluctant to let me apply. Relations between the empire and the federation were tense, and they weren't sure it would be safe. But Thaybia has always been the most neutral of the federation members, and so after weeks of trying to convince them, they finally agreed. When I was fifteen, I sent in my application.   Two months later, I received the acceptance letter.


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