The Darkness

That was the last of them. Volnir felt a smug grin grow on his face as the final Silenean ship was chased away by his dark fire. It vanished immediately, however, upon hearing Zyla's voice in his head, reminding him that such smugness was unbefitting of a god. He sighed and pulled away from the coast, turning to head back to the Eight Trees Clearing.   "Are they gone?" Atia asked him when he arrived.   Volnir nodded. "Unless you came back before banishing them from your region," he said, nothing that he was the last to return.   "Of course not," Atia said indignantly. "Those Sileneans will think twice before coming here again."   "Child," Zyla chided. "Don't be so haughty. The Sileneans have as much faith in their cause as we have in ours. They will return soon enough."   "We don't know that for sure," Idon objected.   Zyla looked at him critically. "Don't we?"   She was right. It was a matter of days before the Sileneans returned. And this time, Zyla impressed upon them, they had not come by themselves.


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