Tale of Reverence VI

The tide turned immediately. The Sileneans were driven back to their ships, the calls for the execution of Children of Prophecy quieted. Surely it was over.   But Idon, Zyla, and Narion had been right: the Sileneans did not come without gods of their own.   The Sileneans returned in greater force. Our blessed warriors were cut down by their holy soldiers. I didn't understand. Could their gods be so much more powerful than ours? Surely gods are equal in power?   Equal in power or not, there was only one truth: the Sileneans no longer cared who they killed. They aimed to wipe out the Heartlands entirely, to ensure that the prophecy could never come to pass.   I thought the darkest day had come when among a battalion of Silenean soldiers I was scouting, a great dragon, larger than any I'd seen, larger even than Idon, swooped overhead, her scales filled with the night sky. I knew immediately this was Chyrlathyn. Like our dragon gods, she'd come in person.


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