Tale of Reverence V

I told them of my fears, which they seemed to already know--unsurprising, considering their divinity. But they heard my call for help, and it seemed to strike something in them. They let out a mighty roar, and soon I was brought to my knees by the presences around me: Idon, Zyla, Narion, Volnir, Adea, Ykona, all six of the other gods joined Atia in the clearing. I didn't even know which to bow to, which to appease. I could say nothing.   And so Atia spoke for me. Their words were passionate, persuasive, beseeching the gods to help their people. Ykona and Adea agreed readily, and Volnir, in his endless love for humanity, was close behind. But Idon, Zyla, and Narion reminded them of a great threat should they intervene: the Sileneans did not come without gods of their own.   All seven were quiet for a time. I did not know what they were so concerned about. The Silenean gods Chyrlathyn and Taleyar were pretenders. How could they defeat our true gods? But the warning was one all seven took seriously. I knew that without further action, they may not help. And so, though their presence terrified me, I spoke once again, pleading for their assistance as I had done with Atia.   Zyla and Narion were not swayed. But Idon, their great king, set his powerful gaze upon me. After many silent moments, he finally said the simple words which would change everything: "We fight for humanity." The gods were on our side.


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