Tale of Reverence IX

It was at that moment I realized why the seven had seemed so fearful of Chyrlathyn. The eight trees, one always ignored, the starset dragons for whom we had no explanation. How had I not seen it earlier? The starset existed only in the Silenean Empire. Chyrlathyn was the Silenean goddess of dragons. There had never been seven dragon gods. There were always eight. Was it possible that, like the starset, Chyrlathyn had control over all dragons--even the other gods?   These were my realizations as I boarded the ship. It was crewed already, and we set out without delay. Once again, as I left my home for what I knew was the last time, I looked back. Far away, I saw the great form of Chyrlathyn high above the Heartlands, and despite our distance, I could see the mighty flap of her wings.   Urgency filled the crew as shockwaves rippled out from our home. As we sailed away, I saw the shining towers of the remnants of Thiara vanish as my gods had. Great winds picked up around us, which we had to fight against.   Our efforts were not enough. We were in the middle of a storm, and no matter our attempts, it seemed the ship was doomed to sink. A wave crashed over us, and I lost consciousness.   I woke some time later in a bed I did not recognize, with a person I did not know sitting next to me. Though I was not sure if it was safe, I asked immediately about the crew, which startled him. He answered that I was the only one they'd found, washed up in their shores. When asked who he meant by "they," he told me: the Clan of Eris. I had been saved, he told me. He could not tell me why, only that it was by Eris' grace.


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