Tale of Reverence IV

At first, news of these deaths traveled swiftly. But as time went on, more couriers were silenced. As my village's scout, the duty fell to me to discover if any threats were approaching. My parents objected, worried I would meet the same fate as the couriers, but I promised to be safe and left anyway.   Outside the village, I found a world in terror. The might of the Silenean Empire was unstoppable. Anhaven soon fell to their will, followed by Nanshu and Dorhelm. Skoa Grea fought admirably, but followed the footsteps of others. They told us that so long as we cooperated, none but the Children of Prophecy would be harmed. They lied.   Four months after it all began, I traveled to Kausan. Some distance outside the great city of Baixunxia, at the gathering of eight ancient trees, was a clearing where people from all countries often went to commune with the gods. I went there to plead for help, for a simple reason: my village was soon to be in danger. The witch hunts had led the Sileneans there.   I expected no response from them. But as I prayed, I heard the beating of wings, and looked up to see Atia themself descend to me. Our gods had not abandoned us.


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