Tale of Reverence III

It was some weeks before we heard more news, and when it came to us, all the hope in me drained away. The news said that the golden sails approached our shores--and with how long news took to reach us, they were likely already here.   Not once until this day had the Silenean Empire set foot upon our lands, not even when it was first discovered. They never came for trade, nor diplomacy, nor colonization. But now they came for war. And they brought with them their army, their cannons, and the terrifying starset, who caved our dragons with a look.   The people of my village were not prepared for such a blatant attack on the sanctity of the Heartlands. We waited in fear for news that Skoa Grea had been invaded. But week after week, that news did not come, much to our relief.   But other troubling news came: the Thiaran capital was in flames. Prophet Cadis was dead, along with the Princess Luna. Princess Ellette was missing, presumed dead as well.   And more news came: deaths in Gossmein, Grimshore, and Antiri. Witch hunts, our couriers called these, but when official news reached us, they were referred to as necessary sacrifices for the good of the Heartlands. The so-called Children of Prophecy, they said, must be found and stopped before they could summon the devils.


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