Tale of Reverence II

News of the prophecy reached Skoa Grea mere days after Prophet Cadis spoke it. It was the first time in many centuries that a Prophet had actually delivered a prophecy. We had begun to think none would ever be delivered again, and we were glad of it. No prophecy has ever meant prosperity. When news of this prophecy reached my village, our first reaction was despair, and then resignation. The rest of Skoa Grea, it seemed, felt much the same.   Soon, though, more news reached us: our northern neighbors felt differently. Gossmein had no intention to allow this prophecy to come to pass, for devils, they knew, must never walk these lands. Our lands are sacred, and they must not be defiled.   Those to the west warned Gossmein that their actions would not stop the prophecy. Scholars from Kausan, envoys from Anhaven and Mesetra, and warriors from Tengmen all tried to convince Gossmein to lay down their arms, but Gossmein heard none of it, and already they'd swayed Grimshore and Antiri. After seven thousand years of peace, our precious Heartlands, it seemed, were on the brink of war.   Neither side wished to hear arguments from the other. Even the Isles took the side of passivity, to the frustration of Gossmein. Our village elders assured us that Gossmein, Grimshore, and Antiri would realize that even together, they could not win a war, and peace would be upheld. They were wrong.


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