Rose, Rumor, Wave, Weave III

Chishira returned several hours later. Jin was leaning against the stair rail, reading a hefty book about magic.   "How'd she do with Eden?" Chishira asked. Jin looked up.   "Well, she's alive," she said. "I think she's with Ripple."   "Goody!" Chishira skipped past Jin and into the next room where Ripple and Temerity were sitting. "Temerity! Let's go for a walk now, okay? I heard Eden liked you!"   Temerity stood immediately. "Right, okay." She followed Chishira down the hall.   "I really wasn't sure about you, you know," Chishira said once they were out of earshot of Ripple. "I mean come on, you're so mopey. I thought you'd be no fun at all."   Temerity frowned. "What do you mean I'm mopey?"   "I mean you're all pretending to be tough but you're really just sad! And maybe a little angry at the world." Chishira smiled. "Both of which are super boring. Let me guess, you lost someone you cared about and now everything is so terrible and awful."   Temerity crossed her arms. "I don't like being made fun of."   "No. But you're not going to do anything about it. Ripple explained the situation here, didn't she?" Chishira stopped walking and turned to face Temerity. "So who was it? Your one true love?" She said the last part mockingly.   Temerity glared at her, but said nothing.   Chishira smirked. "He was the father, wasn't he?"   That caught Temerity off guard. She took a step back, seeming more wary than upset. There was silence, then she took a deep breath. "How did you know?"   "I just knew." Chishira bounced a bit. "And sounds like I was right! Five points for me!" She grinned at Temerity. "Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me."


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