Rose, Rumor, Wave, Weave II

"We're ho~ome!" Ripple called, holding the door open for Temerity.   Temerity looked around. After the Brimeran palace, it wasn't overly impressive, but it was still amazing. Her gaze was pulled to the central staircase by the sound of footsteps.   "Welcome back," the new person, a woman with pale skin wearing a single red glove, said. Her eyebrow raised when she saw Temerity. "And who's this?"   "A new friend," Ripple said. "From the Gales."   "Oh? Did you ask Shira before bringing her here?"   "They sure didn't," a new voice said. Temerity looked up to see a fourth woman with purple hair smiling down at her. She jumped over the railing and landed lightly on the ground floor.   "Temerity, this is Chishira. She's... Our leader, basically," Ripple said. "Shira, this is Temerity."   Chishira moved closer to them, barely two inches from Temerity. "Hmm, what to do with you, I wonder? I probably shouldn't kill you. It's bad luck to kill friends of friends, you know. But so much fun!"   Temerity's eyes narrowed. "If you think I'm going to let you kill me-"   "Please, this discussion really doesn't involve you," Chishira said. "Oh! I know!" She bounced, giggling a little. "You can play with Eden! Yes, that sounds good. I won't kill you for now. Ripple, go take her to meet Eden, okay? If Eden likes her, she can stay."   "I came here so you could help me figure out how I got out of the Gales," Temerity snapped. "Not to play. If you're not going to help me-" Before she could finish, her mouth closed abruptly.   "What's wrong?" Chishira asked innocently. "Cat got your tongue?"   As she said this, Temerity's mouth opened again and a small cat poked its head out. The head swiveled around to look at Temerity, grinned, then disappeared in a puff of smoke.   "You're in my mansion," Chishira went on. "So you follow my rules. You're going to do what I say. And I say you go play with Eden--oh, shoot! I totally forgot! You can't understand a single thing I'm saying! Ripple, be a dear and tell her the rules once she's back to normal, okay?"   Ripple smiled. "'Course, Shira."   "Thanks! I'm going out!" Chishira grabbed a cloak and headed for the door. "Let me know how she does with Eden!"   "Aye-aye, boss."


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