Gold and Glass XV

Married life was, unsurprisingly, not much different from the life Terilan and Ellette had before. They didn't have a proper honeymoon, but the captain did let them us the beach house for as long as they wanted. Not wanting to impose, they stayed for only a few days before returning home.   Things were normal for a while. Until, on one of their late-night walks, Terilan noticed Ellette walking more slowly than she usually did. He paused, worry crossing his face.   "Are you okay?" he asked.   Ellette nodded. "I'm fine. Just a bit tired." She winced. "I think I might be getting sick..."   "If you're sick, you should be resting," Terilan said. "We should go home."   Ellette hesitated, then nodded. Looking at her more closely, Terilan could see how tired she seemed, like she might fall asleep on her feet. He wrapped his arm around her and started back towards the house.   "And I'm going to talk to the captain in the morning. She has a doctor who might be able to tell us what's wrong."   As promised, Terilan went to see the captain the next morning. She too seemed concerned, and sent the Order's local medic to examine Ellette. Terilan waited anxiously outside the room for the results. After almost an hour, the doctor came out.   "Well?" Terilan asked immediately. "Is it bad? Will she be okay?"   "Calm down," the doctor said. "Why don't you come in and the three of us can talk." He stepped back into the room, holding the door for Terilan.   Terilan went to stand by Ellette, holding her hand tightly.   "I won't say you have nothing to worry about," the doctor said carefully. "Complications can, of course, happen. But they're unlikely, and I'll take good care of you."   "During what?" Terilan demanded.   "Teri," Ellette said gently, her other hand covering his. "I'm pregnant."


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