Gold and Glass XII

The weekend at the beach passed peacefully, but very quickly, and soon the brief vacation was over. Ellette was just getting ready to leave when there was a knock on the door.   "Come in," she called, folding a dress and setting it in her bag.   The door opened and Terilan stepped in, holding a pinkish-red and yellow flower. He held it out to her. "I, er, I picked this for you." He smiled. "To remember the weekend."   Ellette took the flower. "It's beautiful, Teri. Thank you."   "Of course. I had a really great time this weekend. We should do it again. Maybe next month? If that's okay? We could make it a regular thing-"   Ellette laughed and reached for Terilan's hand. "Making it a regular thing sounds lovely."   "Really?" Terilan smiled. "Great. Because I had a lot of fun."   "So did I." Ellette tucked the flower behind her ear. There was silence for a few moments, and then Terilan leaned forward and kissed her.   They lingered for a few seconds before Terilan pulled away. "Sorry, that was... Sudden."   "Yeah." Ellette smiled. "But it was nice."   "Oh, well, that's good. So, er..."   "We should finish packing. But we can talk about this more on the way home. If you'd like to talk about it."   "I would! So I'll go finish packing, then. And then we'll talk." Terilan nodded, started to turn around, then stopped and hugged Ellette. "Right. Now I'll go." He nodded and rushed down the hall to his room.


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