Gold and Glass XI

The beach was warm when they arrived, but empty nonetheless. The captain had given them the key to her beach house for the weekend, so they left their luggage there before making their way down to the ocean.   Terilan set out a picnic blanket and basket. "I brought food, if you're hungry. It's nothing too fancy."   Ellette sat down. "That sounds lovely. I can't remember the last time I had a seaside picnic. It must've been..." She smiled faintly. "My sister and I snuck out to meet with some people from the local university. They brought wine and ale and meat to smoke..." She trailed off and frowned. "That was a long time ago."   Terilan hesitated a moment, then reached over to take her hand. "I'm sorry."   Ellette shook her head. "It wasn't all of... That. Things just change as people grow up. I heard a lot about my prophetic duties, and not much about much else. My sister and I didn't see each other much once we were grown up."   "That sounds difficult. Having everything planned out like that."   "It wasn't so bad. I always had my family, no matter what." She smiled and looked out over the waves. "I don't think I say this enough, but... Thank you."   Terilan blinked. "For what?"   "For making sure I still have family."


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