Gold and Glass VI

They could not, however, keep the secret from everyone, and soon enough the Order of Brim knocked on Terilan's door.   Terilan startled, then glanced to Ellette. "You may want to..."   She nodded, and hurried to the next room, out of sight. Terilan opened the door.   "Ah, Captain," he said with a smile and a bow. "What can I do for you?"   The captain sighed. "Don't try that with me right now, Terilan. When we gave you permission to search the ruins, it was under the condition that you report anything interesting. You failed to do so."   Terilan frowned. "What do you mean?"   The captain crossed her arms. "Where is she?"   Dismay fell over Terilan's face, and he glanced behind him. "That's..." His expression hardened and he did his best to block the door. "You can't have her."   The captain raised an eyebrow. "And you're going to stop me? I like you, Terilan, but you have some explaining to do if you don't want trouble."   A pause. Finally, Terilan looked up at her. "She's important. She knows about a civilization before ours. She knows about the prophecy! We need her. And with things as they are right now..."   The captain waited for a moment before gesturing for him to go on.   "... You know Eisna. If he finds out about her, he'll see her as a threat. She'll be imprisoned and interrogated at best, and at worst..." His face paled. "Please, you can't tell anyone about this. She can help us."   The captain frowned. "You would ask me to keep this a secret from my emperor? My commander?"   Another pause. "Yes. For the good of the Gales."   "... Fine," the captain said. "But I'll want to talk to her."


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