Gold and Glass IV

They sat down together the next day. Ellette was nervous, but seemed more calm. Terilan waited quietly.   "I'm not sure... How long it's been. You said the year is 936... When I went to sleep, it was 17,481." She took a deep breath. "There was a prophecy. My father delivered it, and... He thought I was part of it. But other people didn't like it, because they thought it would destroy the world. So... To keep me safe, my father decided to hide me away, and since he didn't know how long it would be, he thought it would be best to put me into a slumber until it was time."   Terilan opened his mouth to say something, then closed it and just nodded.   "We had nearly completed the ritual. It was meant to keep me as I was until I awoke. Then..." She stared down at her hands, though her gaze seemed much farther away. "As we were completing the ritual, they stormed the palace. I don't know what happened. I just remember them taking my father and sister. Then... I woke up."   Terilan was quiet for another moment before speaking. "I'm sorry. That... I can't imagine."   "It's okay. I knew what I agreeing to."


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