Gold and Glass III

Once they were safe, Terilan sat Ellette down and made her some tea. She accepted the mug gratefully.   "Thank you, Terilan..." she murmured. She sipped from the mug, keeping quiet.   "Of course. If you don't mind... Could I ask you some questions?"   Ellette hesitated, then nodded.   "Let's start simple... Where are you from?"   "I am..." She looked around. "... From Thiara."   Terilan blinked. "I'm sorry... I'm not sure where that is. Is it outside the Gales?"   "The Gales?"   "Yes... Where we are now."   "Oh... I'm not sure. There was no place by that name when I went to sleep. Thiara is my kingdom. My father was prophet, and I..." She frowned. "I was meant to be prophet after him."   "I see..." Terilan took a sip of his own tea. "Do you remember what happened?"   Ellette's gaze was distant. "The prophecy... The invasion..." Her head fell into her hands. "My father and sister..."   "... I'm sorry. We can stop for now."   "... Yes. I think that would be for the best... I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow."


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