Gold and Glass II

Esten groaned and pulled himself up. "Sorry Terilan..." He looked over and blinked at the woman. "Ah!"   The woman sat up slowly. She looked more than a little confused. "Where...?"   Terilan quickly stepped over to the coffin. "Miss? Are you all right? Who..." He gulped nervously. "Who are you? What are you doing... Here?" He looked at the coffin, then at the surrounding walls.   "I..." Her eyes widened, and she staggered to her feet, then fell forward and gripped the edge of the coffin to keep herself up. "Luna!"   Terilan stepped forward again to catch her if she fell again. "I'm sorry, Miss, I'm... Not quite sure what you're talking about."   The woman looked up at Terilan. "You... I'm sorry. What year is it?"   Terilan blinked. "It's... 936."   She stared at him. "What...? No, that can't be right... It was just..."   "Miss... Might you tell me your name?"   She took deep breaths before being able to speak again. "I... My name is Ellette."   Terilan smiled. "I'm Terilan. It's going to be okay, Ellette."   "It... Will it be? I don't know what's..."   "Don't worry. I'm an archaeologist. Finding answers is what I do."


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