Angels and Devils XIV

Lukan swung his sword at a tree and immediately stumbled. He could feel Usi watching him awkwardly.   "Your stance is a bit... Entirely wrong," Usi said. "Hasn't anyone showed you how to keep your balance?"   Lukan nodded glumly. "I'm not exactly a natural at sword-fighting. Or even half decent, really. Temmy's tried to show me, but I just can't get it."   "Hm. Well. I'm sure you will. You just need practice."   "Sure..." Lukan sighed. "Have a the people you've guided been this bad?"   Usi rubbed the back of his neck. "Yes, well no, or... That is... You're kinda my first."   Lukan blinked. "Oh. Um... Sorry."   "No, no, nothing to apologize for! Here, legs try that again. Just... Legs..." Usi positioned Lukan's arms and legs in the correct stance. "There, doesn't that feel better?"   "... It feels weird."   "Okayyy... Just stand like that for a bit. Don't move. Get used to it."   "Will that really work?"   "I don't know! I've never had to teach anyone this! I can barely do it myself!" Usi ran his hands frantically through his hair. "Just try it, okay?"   "Okay." Lukan didn't move. He focused on the positioning of his legs, trying to remember how it felt.   "All right, now take a whack!" Usi said after a few minutes. Lukan swung the sword again, and this time didn't stumble. "Great! Now try to find that stance on your own!"   Lukan frowned in concentration and tried to position himself the same way Usi had.   "Better!" Usi congratulated him. "Not perfect, but better! Maybe you really can learn this! Next stop, total badass!"


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