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About the Author

I was born in Manitoba Canada in December of 1992. Since then I have lived in New Jersey, Alberta, California, and Florida. Florida being my absolute favorite!   Growing up I was very active. Nobody would have guessed that I would one day commit myself to a stagnant hobby like Writing. I played hockey, soccer, volleyball, track (long jump), and spent my weekends rock climbing. It wasn't until a dirt-biking accident left me bed-ridden, that I finally decided to start writing. I wasn't liking anything on TV, so I decided to write something I would like. The first thing that came to mind was a dream I recently had about Princess Leia fighting on horseback in the Lord of the Rings series (the two series I had been binging). Leia became Idun, and the other characters in my dream became Colton and Ayla. And thus, the Frelsaren Chronicles were born.   Besides writing, my one true love is photography. I currently own my own Photography business in Naples Florida. You can check out my work at     My favorite books include:
The Ash Princess series
Chronicles of Narnia
Throne of Glass series
Brightly Burning
The Saviors Champion


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