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Eyhiri is a world covered in mysteries ready to be solved and a place where the line between history and legend is never entirely clear. Most people have given up hope of a better life, clinging desperately to the achievements of their ancestors and praying to the New Gods for salvation. Seekers venture out into the Forgotten Sands in search of ancient technologies and forgotten secrets, while agents of the three families fight a war in the shadows for control of Janara. In the north revolutionaries fight to overthrow the oppressive reign of the Merchant Kings in the golden metropolis of Alonasi and children go missing in the night from the holy city of Beacon. Bandits prey on merchant convoys that run between the three cities and Desert Elves roam the forgotten sands searching for their long-forgotten homeland.   The current age is one of ever-present turmoil, constant trade wars between the cities over the few resources provided by the land and what few settlements remain outside endure constant bandit raids and creature attacks. The Fourth People cling to the memories of their ancestors while maintaining a harsh outlook for the future, times are hard for all and most have given up hope that anything will ever change.

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