Eye Of The Beholder


Frea was once a world of peace and prosperity free of borders. It was united as one. No countries, no borders, no disease or sickness, no strife, and most importantly, no monsters. All races, sexes, ages, religions co-existed in harmony. Everybody was equal. Frea was a utopia.   The planet was lush and full of life. Geographically, the entire planet had the same climates and landscapes. There were no deserts or barren lands. Food was plenty and people did not have to work too hard to have a great life. Nobody was without the necessities of life.   That all changed the day the rifts began opening and releasing monsters into the world. Nobody knew why the rifts began opening but their threat was clearly obvious. At first it started sporadically at random locations; but, eventually the rifts became rampant and the monsters were getting harder and harder to control.   While all of this was going on, the land began undergoing drastic climate changes. Some of the lands became infertile; producing no crops for food. Eventually desertification took over and the Fates turned it into a desert waste land. West March became flooded and the Crown was besieged by winter winds and snow. East March and The Highlands were not affected as bad as The Fates; oddly enough, The Gain Arbor was untouched.   All the while the monsters continued their onslaught. The people of Frea started organizing themselves into regional groups to better deal with the monsters, but they just kept coming. These regional groups eventually started putting up boarders and these borders became the countries as they are to this day.   Demographics