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Coins and currency

In antiquity, each nation had minted it's own coinage with pictures of their rulers. This was an impediment to trade, because accepting the image of a rival monarch as payment was usually frowned upon, and often even outlawed. About 150 years ago, the Gillad Alliance introduced coins with deities' holy symbols in place of the rulers or other nationalist symbols. Because of the economic might of the Alliance and the near universal acceptability of the deities, these are now accepted for trade almost everywhere. Local currencies are still produced, but many countries have chosen to mint denominations/weights that are compatible with the Gillad coins. As a result, coins in most places are interchangeable*.   The official Gillad Alliance coins are
  • Copper: Waukeen (N) goddess of trade
  • Silver: Kelemvor (LN) god of the dead (from the tradition of silver coins on the eyes of the dead) slang: skellies
  • Gold: Helm (LN) god of protection (slang: hats, lefties)
  • Platinum: Tyr (LG) god of justice
  • Electrum: Savras (LN) god of fate (ep are not widely circulated, but many people carry one for luck and for coin tosses)
  • Ingots of gold or platinum stamped with the same symbol in 100 coin weights are also common.
Some regional variations include Talos gp, favored by sailors to appease the angry storm lord; Auril pp, mainly in arctic regions; and Moradin gp, minted by dwarves.   * A notable exception is Ricia, who intentionally made their coins just a bit lighter in an attempt to pass them off as equivalent. Their coins are now not accepted in many other countries (or are accepted at discounted value) which has depressed their economy and led to "Rician" being used as a slur for someone deemed to be cheap or dishonest.
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