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The Three Laws and Equivalent Exchange

The Three Laws

The Three Laws are the ways people in the Exstellarverse describe the different ways of life and the energies that are used to do them. Some people prefer technology and futuristic things. Some prefer more secretive and arcane knowlege to get everyday things done. Heck, some prefer both. Some prefer neither and use another logic altogether.   Whichever it may be, they all use a type of energy or power. They also all (or at least most) of them follow a fundamental law. A "law of laws", if you will, that keeps the world spinning. A law that you might be familiar with, actually: Equivalent Exchange.  


Science is anything that follows The Law of Equivalent Exchange that can be explained by conventional means. It’s pretty black and white with the only grey parts being theories on how black and white something really is. If a society uses Science predominantly, expect to see modern things. You know, computers, robots, lasers... you know, stuff like you're using right now! No tricks, just logic. Science uses two types of Energy: BioEnergy and ArtEnergy. (More info on Energy can be found here!)  


Magic is anything that follows The Law of Equivalent Exchange, but seems to defy common logic, yet it works on a logic its own. It can’t really be explained why it work by conventional means. It can only be described as that it simply does and here's how it works. If a society uses Magic predominantly, it's not uncommon to see some modern things, but it's way more common to see streetlights made of crystal or sentient rocks walking around or people shooting fire out of their hands or... well, a lot of things like that. Magic uses what people refer to as Power, rather than Energy. The two types of Power are EsoPower and GeoPower. (More info on Power can be found here!)  


Miracles are things that defy The Law of Equivalent Exchange as well as any and all logic. Science and Magic both can't be used to describe how it works. You've have to ask The Creator, buuut... well, good luck with that. That's a secret beyond our understanding.   Using Miracles can cause drastic changes in the world and as such, The Creator has only entrusted this kind of power to certain species that work closely with The Creator. Miracles typically use XeoMana to perform or something else is taken in exchange for the change, but they can also be performed without, ignoring Equivalent Exchange altogether... which is extremely risky. Ignoring of Equivalent Exchange creates huge amounts of Flux. Fortunatley, those that can use Miracles typically have a natural way to contain Flux. For instance, Celestialites are one of these groups of species that can both use Miracles and contain Flux naturally. The contained Flux then dissipates as it usually does within the safety of the creature... albeit not infinitely. A creature that absorbs too much Flux too fast can contract what’s been dubbed Influxuensa, a deadly sickness that basically means “this person is a Flux time bomb”. It can be cured by transferring the Flux to other creatures or with XeoMana or some other means of containing Flux to prevent the creature housing it from expiring, thus nullifying the Flux as well... or it can dissipate over a VERY long time presuming they don’t die from it first. (More info on XeoMana can be found here!)  

The Law of Equivalent Exchange

The Law of Equivalent Exchange is sort of a “Law Of Laws” that keep the world spinning. Outside of The Creator, no one knows why this is. The Law is simple, really: Nothing can be made or changed without something else is used up in exchange. Nor, vice versa. So, you can’t make… let’s say iron out of nothing, for instance. To make iron, you have to use components from other things that make it up. This can also happen metaphysically in some cases. Typically, Energy, Power or XeoMana is used to fuel these exchanges.   However, it’s not impossible to break this law, as you could read from the Miracle Law. It’s the one of the three that can defy this Law of Laws. If anything doesn’t follow Equivalent Exchange, the world creates a strange and unstable energy called Flux… and Flux is bad. Bad enough for it's own page.

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