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Chaos Anti-Energy Incarnate

Flux goes by many nicknames: Darkness, Dark Energy, Chaos Energy, The Planets Blood, many names other than those. No one really knows what Flux is and only knows a little of what it can do, but one thing is certain: it's bad.

Flux: A Synopsis

Flux is usually generated when The Law of Equivalent Exchange is ignored and can only be brought about by either creatures that are caipable of breaking said Law, such as Miracles and... well Flux itself. Flux litterally ignores all reason and logic and acts in a purely chaotic way to the point of breaking Equivalent Change on it's own, thus becoming recursive and self-replicative... in other words, it's like a virus that can spread like crazy. Fortunatley, small amounts of Flux are normal and will dissipate on it's own. For more severe cases, it can even be contained, though doing so it extremely dangerous and difficult to do, if at all. For now, only certian species can contain Flux by some means, such as Celestialites.  

What does flux do, exactly?

Flux, again, can do just about anything and everything and nothing all at once. From what's been documented, Flux more than often will reflect a Wish someone has made (a Miracle that Celestialites typically receive, verify and sometimes grant) that hasn't properly been balanced with something that's gotta go in place of the Wish. The easiest way Flux will burn itself out and dissipate is to warp places, things and sometimes organisms. So, for instance, let's say a kid Wishes to rule over a water park and it's granted with no regards to counterbalancing this Miracle. This could transform the water park into some kind of kiddie castle with sentient pool dragons (or whatever they might be selling that day), living vending machines, crazy and (quite frankly not to code) layouts. The kid might even inheret some power from this, granted by the Wish, but decided by the Flux.

And if that sounded oddly specific, it's because it happened once.

So, as chaotic as Flux is, it does seem to usually have some kind of symbiotic rleationship to people that make Flux happen... usually. It's like edgy energy that gives people that summon it superpowers. In short, anything goes and it's probably helping the one that started it.
  Flux also has the ability to create life... or what one might call life... it's odd to say "life" as they're beings that never should have been. They're typically called Fluxborn as a collective. They can be a warped version of a creature, a thing or if intense enough, take up their own powerful forms.

Flux Intensities

Depending on the amount of Flux in a general vicinity, it's capabilities and dangers can vary. Some have classified the different intensities.

Intensity 1: Minimal
Neglegible amounts of Flux. More than likely a natrual occurance or a residual leftover from a Wish. Will dissipate on it's own quickly, usually within a day or two.
Intensity 2: Noteable
Flux is concentrated enough to cause some anomalies. Wildlife and some sentient creatures may act strange and some Fluxborn may be present in the area, so caution is advised. Settings may have unusual changes, but may remain unchanged. Will take some time to dissipate, usually around a week to a month.
Intensity 3: Elevated
Flux can now warp large settings and creatures into strange and unusual parodies of themselves and Fluxborn will be present. More powerful Fluxborn may be in the vicinity as well. Evacuation is recommended from these areas. Dissipation can take months or years, so containment is highly recommended at this point.
Intensity 4: Critical
Flux can cause large scale anomolies, potentially planet wide. Large amounts of Fluxwarping will occur and high amounts of powerful Fluxborn will be present. The very air may become hazardous to breathe and exposure to the environment is likely to result in Fluxwarp. Evacuation, needless to say, is very much encouraged, but be mindful of refugees having residual Flux on their person, as this can spread Flux. Quarentine is recommended until XeoMana can be administered or time, as it will still dissipate for minor cases. Major cases should be carefully monitored, as Fluxwarp could very well happen to the subject. Self-Replication is likely and dissipation may take centuries or may be endless, if not contained.
Intensity 5: Apocalyptic
Flux is now rampant and self-replicating beyond dissipating. No one has reported first hand in a Intensity 5 area, but it can be assumed reality, time, space, everything is shattered. Containment will be extremely difficult at this point, if possible at all. Has the potential of ending not just planets, but the entire Exstellarverse.  

How do we get rid of it?

You don't.... seriously, don't try to. Fluxwarp can happen to people that don't know how to handle Flux and... well, it's a fate worse than death, if it doesn't kill you outright. But, on the same coin, since anything can happen, sometimes something good actually happens, as it's not a malevolent energy. It doesn't decern good from evil. It just... happens.

..........Don't get any bright ideas, though. It's not worth the risk by any means.
  One piece of good news is that if Flux is small enough, it'll dissipate on it's own. It's kind of like a wound that heals up over time. Smalls amount of Flux in the world isn't too bad. Some traces of it is actually pretty normal, really, resulting from Wishes or some miscalibrated Magical Devices. Small amounts are harmless and dissipate easily. Even low forms of Intensity 3 Flux can be delt with if done with care. Of course, bigger amounts take much longer and too much will cause a self-replication loop and that... would be the scrambling of all worlds, if it's not contained... but, thankfully, this has only happened once and that was eons ago and it's very unlikely for it to happen again. As more Flux gathers, it also burns up faster, too, so you'd have to have an emmense amount to get that loop started.   Some species can contain it or even counteract it with XeoMana, the only thing that can balance their breaking of Equivalent Exchange. This essentially nulls Flux and can even revert some things to it's original state. (This i sometimes refered to as an UnWish.) One species that deals closely with Miracles, Wishes and world Flux management are the wishmakers known as Celestialites. Their crystal stores a fair amount of XeoMana that fuels their Abilities and Spells, as well as it can eaisily null Flux. In emergency situations, Celestialites can even exert themselves when they've exausted their XeoMana and choose to absorb Flux, using their own bodies as a container, but this is very risky. Too much Flux and they can contract Influxuensa, a condition that basically turns them into a time bomb of Flux.

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