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Exstellarverse (NERD Union)

The year is 20XX... on another planet.

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The Exstellarverse is a bit of a melting pot, if you will. This is the kind of place where you'd see an arcane crystal seller next to someone selling the latest personal drone that can help around the house and play the latest videogames. It's a place where you'll find anthropomorphic animals playing basketball with imps and aliens. Humans, even Earth, is in there somewhere. If you can think of it, it's probably canon.   In this universe, Science, Magic and Miracles all work in unity together through a give and take of energy and matter. These laws are referred to as The Three Laws and Equivalent Exchange.   A race of creatures known as Celestialites, in junction with The Creator, oversee that everything keeps in order and that balance is kept, lest Flux overtake the Exstellaverse.They also process the Wishes of the inhabitants of the planets and sometimes even grant them via the bright and shining @Wishing Star.   Well, welcome to my strange and unusual world! If you're new, I'd start with The Three Laws and Equivalent Exchange, Energy, Power and XeoMana and Flux to get a feel of how things work... or if you're just here for the critters, check out the World Codex below. On that note, shall we? ~Zeta-Neubourn)

Heyas! This whole project is a Work In Progress. Please excuse the mess! If you see some bold words that aren't clickable (or the more obvious WIP), those are placeholders that I plan on making pages for in the future. ~Zeta