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title that reps order - basically just fantasy discord mods

Because The [something] Collective focuses so heavily on equality and community input, every member is expected to serve the community in one way or another. Some fill this role in the kitchens, preparing meals, others do so by cleaning or performing maintenance on communal fixtures, others still act as a moderator in community meetings and events. The role of moderator is largely volunteer-based, though heavily influenced by this sense of political obligation.
When a community member wishes to take on the responsibility of moderator, they have a series of meetings with the head of the collective to determine if they possess the responsibility and charisma necessary to fill the role well. Here the head of the collective will review the deeds the applicant has performed for the community - those who have shirked their duties are more likely to be rejected, those who have done extra work are better received, but those who have catered specifically to the department head’s needs have the best chance yet.
These moderators play an important role in the headquarters of The [Something] Collective. Because they are a democratic society, there is a space for any member of the community to bring up ideas or issues in their frequent town hall meetings. To facilitate this [the Collective] has created a schedule for different types of discussions to happen at certain times or on certain days, as well as expanding the space used for community meetings to allow more than one of these conversations to happen at the same time. For example, they discuss pressing issues of safety and well-being every morning with all of their space dedicated to this topic - to allow everyone to attend, and to utilize the space for small-group discussions of the topics brought up. Other times they may hold multiple discussions on less popular topics, one space for something like meal planning, another for discussing trash collection, and so on simultaneously. Because of this very relaxed atmosphere and encouragement for every member to speak their minds, they do tend to get off topic or minor differences of opinion may boil over into full blown disputes. For this reason, at least one moderator is assigned to each meeting to facilitate discussions, keep the speakers from wandering too far from the assigned topic, ensure everyone has a chance to speak their minds, and de-escalate arguments
Civic, Political

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