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Liquid Courage Syndrome

  The Potion of Stout-Heartedness grants the drinker a temporary boost in courage. It is a frequently prescribed medicine for those recovering from a traumatic event or plagued by severe phobias. In rarer cases it is used by soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers - those who can afford it anyway - before particularly daunting battles. Like most uncommon magical potions, is expensive and difficult to find.
In recent times an offshoot of the Potion of Stout-Heartedness was developed - Liquid Courage. This concentrated solution was meant to be more affordable, accessible, and easier to mass produce. Unfortunately, because this formula is newer, often uses lower quality ingredients, and has not had the same rigorous safety testing as the Potion of Stout-Heartedness, the offshoot is far more likely to cause unwanted side effects, some permanent, after fewer uses, in addition to the possible side effects associated with its predecessor. Liquid Courage Syndrome is one such culmination of side effects so severe they impede daily life or even cause death.


Side effects of Liquid Courage range from mild to severe. Like the Potion of Stout-Heartedness, potion tolerance, dependence, or addiction may develop with prolonged use.

  • Racing or unsteady heartbeat
  • Clammy skin
  • Persistent flush
  • Shakiness, particularly in extremities
  • Strong or persistent urge to act upon any impulse that comes to mind
  • Increased sensitivity to provocation - often resulting in altercation
  • Increased perspiration
  • Partial or complete loss of senses including:
    • Somatosensory
    • Auditory
    • Olfactory
    • Gustatory
    • Common-sense
  • Altered state of consciousness
  • Coma or unresponsiveness
  Liquid Courage Syndrome is diagnosed with the presence of
  • any side effect of the severe tier
  • combination of 5 or more mild and/or moderate symptoms within the first 72 hours of ingestion
  • any 5 mild/moderate lasting more than 4 days beyond onset
  • any 3 mild/moderate that are so severe they put the patient's life in danger


Due to its recent invention and rise in popularity, a definitive treatment for Liquid Courage Syndrome is not yet known, however restoration spells and blood purification processes have shown promising effects in decreasing the severity of its symptoms. Anti-magic zones have also proven to lessen side effects compounded by magical sensitivity or allergy.
Though restoration spells must be administered in a healing facility, more compact versions of blood purification machines have been developed for long-term use in the patient's home, while enchantments to create anti-magic zones can be imbued in easily portable objects as small as a ring.


Enough users can ingest Liquid Courage without immediate or obvious effects that many do not realize how dangerous it is. Those with magical sensitivities may experience symptoms similar to anxiety, the common cold, or seasonal allergies which typically subside within 48 hours. Moderate to severe symptoms typically develop within 72 hours of ingestion, which may last up to 4 days after onset. Those with moderate symptoms may not require medical intervention, yet should not operate any heavy machinery or magic, and should be supervised.
Liquid Courage Syndrome is a rare, yet lethal condition that requires medical attention.

Cultural Reception

It is a recent fad to combine potions like Liquid Courage with edible items and beverages. Certain cafes specialize in selling items like this with all sorts of magical concoctions. For example, a Cup of Courage is a coffee drink infused with a courage shot. The potion itself is typically seen as a harmless, fashionable thing. The resulting Liquid Courage Syndrome is not taken seriously by the large population who have consumed the potion with little to no ill effects, as such, most of the syndrome's victims - chronically ailed and recovered alike - will not admit publicly to being ill, or will attribute their illness to another condition to avoid reproach.

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