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Baristas always existed on the fringes of what was deemed acceptable in society, brewing strange and uncontrollable concoctions full of foam and strangely glowing, almost pulsating substances. Few common folk had the gumption to interact with a barista, much less sample one of their potions. Most gave the baristas a wide berth, and the most outspoken of them called for ruling parties to outlaw the barista’s unnatural practices. As such, the baristas were driven into hiding, but their dedication to their craft was so strong that even the strictest of laws could not deter them from brewing with any permanence. They continued selling their creations in dark alleys and shifty taverns, and governing bodies came to consider it a huge success any time they could stop the tide of barista-brewed beverages from flooding the markets despite all the permits and background checks that become commonplace in attempts to keep the market open for legitimate business practices.
The [fantasy FDA] is the biggest opponent of the barista profession. Baristas are, at heart, curious and creative souls, but too much so for their own good. They take alchemy to new and much more dangerous heights, experimenting with any materials they can get their hands on, and, as soon as they find they have an interesting concoction, will take to the market - selling them as concentrated solutions or, for the more dedicated baristas, imbuing them in foods and beverages. The most successful baristas will move beyond the dingy side streets and covert market stalls, establishing fully fledged cafes. These cafes are the chameleons of the black market, blending in with ordinary taverns and inns, and using a sophisticated system of code names for their products. Loyal customers are allowed behind the veil - taught this secret code language - so that they may purchase exactly which illicit products they are in the market for (while also picking up a tasty treat!) In true speakeasy fashion, and for a tremendous fee, the most elite of these customers are allowed into the den of these cafes, where they may freely browse the barista’s wares, sample their products, and drop of guise of the code language.

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