The Harlots Kiss

A rather bizarre poison created in Lartasia and preferred by Florence Wright in the brothels of Arkysalem, Harlots Kiss in exceedingly small doses has been used for ages to increases sexual performance and enhance sensations. Employed in brothels throughout the world for several obvious reasons, it wasn't used as a poison until Florence Wright created a unique, more potent blend. In small doses, the poison has even better results than previous recipes. As the dosage increases, death becomes certain, but time varies. Many prostitutes often control the dosage to allow their client and victim to enjoy their time as a final farewell. Higher doses are far less merciful as the cardiac arrest that will kill the victim becomes more sudden and its onset much quicker. Upon examination the heart is severely damaged and ruptured.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

In modern usage, the recipe uses belladonna, limohnim, and flakes of ratstone. The poison can be ingested, injected or absorbed through the skin. Each method requires different amounts of the concoction. The first thing felt is a burst of euphoric sensations followed by increased heart rate and deep relaxation. Then an increase in sensation and perception begins to occur. This is the extent of positive effects. If meant to kill or too much is accidentally administered the victim will begin to feel light headed and anxious. Their heart will race faster and begin to damage itself as the victim convulses. The victim will panic and begin to lose sensation and experience no pain. The victim goes into shock and starts to lose feeling in various parts of the body as the chest swells slightly. This continues to get worse until dead.

Manufacturing process

Florence Wright used the three ingredients, replacing or throwing out others, to maximize efficiency. She also used infusion and distillation in spirits to ensure all botanical qualities were extracted. The process yields an essential oil that can be used in whichever way the user needs. The Harlots Kiss device is an oddity to most. It takes a special feat of engineering to make one. Few in Estalia would be able too. Generally one would need to go to the Tablin who are from Laetasia to get one or have one repaired.


The first appearance of the poison was innlartasia where it was used as an enhanced as well as a last resort for practicing entertainers. Since then the poison has made quite an impact. When Florence Wright refined the concoction she used it on the last of the arrows during the rebellion. It has been a staple for all those who live in the shady part of the world.
Item type
The ingredients are very rare but the poison itself is rare. The only place one may be able to find it would be a brothel of a doves nest.
Raw materials & Components
There are 3 ways that The harlot's kiss is used. Injection, injection, and absorption. When injected the victim must take .3 ml or more to ensure quality. Anything less will yield the enhancing effects. When injected a single drip is lethal. When absorbed, 2 ml will be required to kill. For ingestion, the assassin will simply mix it with a drink or food. Absorption, however, is a rarely used to kill. Many blends a mixture of the compound with an oil base to create massage oils and personal lubricants. The assassin would need to coat their hands in a special waxy liquid to protect themselves, a process that wouldn't work with a lubricant. Initially, lubricants would be used without knowledge. Many have used the compound to make others think they are particularly talented or high end. The injection would be the most efficient but most conspicuous. Traditionally the injection would be made with a special item. The item, particularly after Florence Wright's high profile and the public assassination of Minerva Harrow, the device is often referred to as a harlots kiss itself.
Harlots kiss device
 the harlot's kiss is not just a poison, it also the name of a cylindrical tube designed to hold incense. The tube is hollow, made of metal, and is less than 1.5 inches in diameter. The tube contains a hidden mechanism under the incense. The incense is a long burning substance that is much shorter than it looks. The illusion hides twelve tiny openings, each filled with a needle-like sliver of what many would mistake for glass. When one twists the base of the tube, the tip of the sliver extends very slightly as the twisting motions prime a soring. The slightest pressure on the top or bottom of the tube will cause the spring to release, shooting the needle like a bullet. A safety mechanism is built into the mechanism usually as a hidden button in the design of the ornate exterior. With the safety on, one can blow into the top of the tube where the incence would be placed. This releases the spring and fires the sliver allowing the user to aim in case the target is further away. These devices are very rare in estalia but are common in Lartasia, their nation of origin.


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