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Golden Pagoda - Hall of Justice

The Golden Pagosa is the highest legal court in the kingdom of Ambergris. The building is also known as the Hall of Justice. It is found on the outskirts of the city of Ren which is just south of the new capital city of Calavia. It is purposely surrounded by open farmland so that it stands out more on the surrounding vista so adding to the impression of its grandeur and importance. The surrounding open area also adds to its security as anyone can be seen approaching from a long distance away.   There are 3 Pagoda towers in the structure. One each for the 3 chapters of the Supreme Court of Ambergris. All court cases are decided by 3, 6, or 9 judges and there must be a majority for conviction. Each Arm or Chapter of the court, therefore, is designated with one pagoda. Each Chapter will then provide 1, 2, or 3 judges whenever a case is required to be judged. Each Chapter has about 20 judges each. The most senior judges of each chapter are housed on the top of the pagoda.   The Pagodas have individual names and characteristics as seen in the table below:  
Pagoda of the Rising Sun Believe the letter of the law has the answers to all injustice. They will argue for hours over minute differences in laws that affect a case. They believe that the answer to any dispute can be found if you look hard enough at the history of laws that have been put in place over the last few thousand years.
Pagoda of the Desert Rose Believe that the world is intrinsically dangerous and barren, but justice can be looked for if you examine the facts close enough. They do not strive to upset the way the world is, but actually, try to maintain it as it is. In doing so they will focus on injustices to individuals and aim for the correction of this injustice.
Pagoda of the Lost Warrier Believes in fighting strongly for Justice and will often challenge the way things are, especially if they see the system in place now as being unfair. They often fight for bigger issues than just individual wrongdoing. They will often use the intent of the laws to push for social change.

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