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The Beginning

Character(s) interacted with

  • Little Chair Innkeeper
  • Alexia Goldback, half-orc female serving girl
  • Elendiir, half-elf female farmer
  • Five Trees, white patchwork fur catfolk
  • Benedict, male human farmer

Created Content

Learned about:

  • Sheep Slaughter
  • Unusual pet hybrid
  • Posco's request for help

Related Reports

Simple wooden deck butts up against the stone base of this two story inn. On the deck is 2 square tables and a small chair with a sign 'Inn' sitting across the arms, a set of double doors rest just to the right of the chair, closed.   Immortal and Badar enter the Inn as Timothy plays in the background. Alexia, serving girl, takes Immortal & Badar's orders of water. Both take a look around as Immortal finds a seat and Badar sits near Timothy. Timothy takes note of Badar, recognizing its his contact, and briefly excuses himself before taking a seat at the table. Badar and Timothy talk about the contact then exchange the payment.   Immortal seated closer to the door hears the conservation about strange creatures. After Alexia gave everyone drinks, a gray furred catfolk and a cloaked figure emerged from the basement. They talk briefly before the figure leaves but as they reach the door and another individual shoves past them. A female half-orc/orc walks in gives a glare to Immortal before sitting farther down the table. She slams her tankard to the table and Alexia turns to rush towards her. The two talk for a moment before the little girl rushes off towards the stairs.   Immortal decides to sit at the conversating table to have a talk about gardening and one of the farmer's pets. The group doesn't seem to mind Immortal sitting there, but give curious looks at the stranger. Immortal learns about gardening and that the half-elf farmer name is Elendiir that owns an unusual pet. Timothy stops Alexia before she hurries down the stairs and learns the name of the rude female orc, Echtes.(edited)   Badar curious of the coachwomen's emblem decides to approach the table and Timothy follows with a mild curiosity of the conversation at hand. Before the two leave their table; the innkeeper, another cook, and Alexia emerge from the basement. The innkeeper, Janet, pauses briefly to introduce herself to Badar and ask both of them if they need anything. They decline and leave the table to join the conversation about the strange creature.   Janet, dwarf cook, and serving girl are talking with Echtes at another table, while the PCs are at the table discussing the strange creature and the unusual pet. Badar asks about the catfolk's emblem after introducing himself to the table. The white patched fur catfolk tells Badar her name is Five Trees, and she is a coachwoman that changes colors [ jobs frequently that her 'uniform' changes with it.] Badar hears the conversation between Immortal and Elendiir about her unusual pet. Badar enters the conversation and Timothy learns Badar's love for animals.   Elendiir describes her unusual pet and that the owner of the mother is the same rancher, who's sheep were killed. The owner is interested in finding out the sire of the animals. They is willing to pay for both the investigation of the sire and the death of the strange creature that killed his sheep. Badar believes the sire to be a creature of the Feywild and when asked about what the Feywild is he explains. Timothy offers Badar's and his service to kill the creature in exchange for the one of the pets. Benedict explains he doesn't know where the rancher lives as he lives in another area, but tellls him that Elendiir knows. As all of the attenion of the table shifts to Elendiir, she explains that she isn't the one to talk to about the employment, but can show them the path to rancher's place.(edited)   Five Trees calls over Janet for more to drink and Janet replies if she can pay which the catfolk smiles as she holds up coin. Janet comes over for the coin and asks if anyone else would want something. Badar orders the local favorite with exotic spices, Immortal orders mutton and Timothy declines. The rest of the table gets a fresh round of drinks and Benedict leaves the table after giving coin to use the kegs. Timothy and Badar discuss to Elendiir about the rancher's problem and Elendiir asks about Immortal joining them. Timothy and Immortal talk briefly to which Immortal agrees to join them. Janet returns with the food and drink.   She begins talking with the table about the recent attack to Kryss Vei and Posco's rare request for help. Janet begins to explain how to reach Posco to Badar.

Report Date
16 Dec 2018
Primary Location
Kryss Vei
Secondary Location
Little Chair Inn

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