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Ruins of Madness & Wrath

Many of the first temples of this god were made by frantic cults and quickly turned to ruins by various means. Those affected by madness, if they weren't cared for by family and community, were exiled out into the wilderness and the ones that don't perish become cultists. One of these cult groups has managed to re-build a temple and form a community. The temple described here is the fore mentioned temple.

Purpose / Function

This temple serves many purposes with rooms for just about everything. The temple is similar to maze as there are more rooms than occupants. There are several rooms for the occupants to rest in, spaces filled with art of all kinds, strange devices, storage, farming, ranching, dining areas, libraries, and just empty rooms.


There are many rooms attached to the building. Changes to the building and its contents happen frequently. Many of the occupants change their rooms and its contents, but sometimes the other occupants do it for them.


The materials used for this building has such variety it's extraordinary and astounding how there are some exotic materials found here. Domes, flat, high, low, and many different kinds of roofs are found here. The architecture here can be beautiful, plain, or just how and why.   One of the most startling features of the building is the statues of the Twins. Two figures appear back to back, one male and the other female. The male appears peaceful despite his scattered appearance and female looks furious, ready-to-fight, but parts of her statue are unfinished, or scattered ruins around her. This is just the largest statue. Many other statues and artwork of the Twins can be found in this room.


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