Halleen Language

Geographical Distribution

The Halleen language is spoken by the Children of Hallah exlusive to the mountains of Evras. While not exactly a secret language it's not one they generally share outside of certain circumstances such as delegates and contracts.


Halleen has the following spelling and phonology:  

spelling and phonology.PNG


derivational morphology.PNG


Subject Verb Object forumla.

Spoken by
Common Phrases

Famly Titles:

Dingguldi ForeFathers   idho Father   bäntoi Mother   ei Parent   änguet Partner   yui Wife   oa Husband   ävwe grandmother   cufhowpi grandfather   äbeo sibling   hib brother   cui sister   eupii child   froni son   bänguo daughter   --glilcasempe:lover--   gäi boyfriend   abai Friend   ebio girlfriend   ngini uncle   inggebi aunt   gampei cousin   --Gäs glilcase prä:I love you--   Gäs glilcase prud I love you   Gäs glilcase prä wungempänto fäng I love you very much
Common Female Names
Most of the Hallaens name their children after the gods and goddesses, adjusting the suffix to suit gender. Common female names end with --nea, anea, nes, nas.
Common Male Names
Male names end with the suffix --nar, --ion, --arian, -- ien. An example being Asarian where the last two letters are dropped off and replaced with full suffix.
Common Unisex Names
Unisex names follow two conventions. At birth there is an prefix added to the name, usually Es or En depending on the beginning letter of the patron deity. Sometimes as they get older they will drop the prefix and take on an suffix such as --een, aen.


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