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WorldEMBER day 12 (12/12)

Goals for the day:
Going to try and "finish" Stormerki, as in, to the level i intend to get it to during WE. Then i quickly brush up the main building and the cruiser (because that one i'm suddenly excited about) and THEN, time to give Ropla some love.
  Word count beginning of day:
  Articles of the day:

Stormerki International
Organization | Dec 31, 2018

International school of magic located in the Scandinavian sea of Kattegat.

Stormerki Main Building
Building / Landmark | Dec 12, 2018

The iconic main building of Stormerki International, including the student tower, library and world, action and peoples departments.

World Cruiser
Vehicle | Dec 31, 2018

The cruise ship transporting Stormerki students, staff, and guests to and from Learning Isle.

  Word count end of day:
  Goal for tomorrow:
still need to do utskari and spellwords, but going to start filling in some replan things and unstubbing things first tomorrow.

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