The Stitching of the World pushed whole populations underground. Trapped beneath the planet's crust, deep in fractal caves, a township of two-hundred humans and a handful of Askala navigate the depths in darkness, searching for a way out. One by one, The Chit drag away the survivors and consume them. In the monster's bellies, they are bathed in raw askal and infused with the life-blood of the insects. In their confusion and terror, they cut free, having taken new form - a corrupted body that is halfway between human and bug. Eventually, the Varnal escape through cracks in the earth near The Blind North and set about terrorizing the world.
  While the humans who eventually became Varnal were consumed by the Chit immediately after the stitching of the world, they incubated for ten thousand years before cutting free. The Varnal emerged from the Chit around 40K BE, and emerged in the Blind North shortly after.
Varnal are prone to destruction in fits of jealous rage. Their bodies are hunched and their skin is wrinkled and blotchy. They cover themselves in tattoos and wear heaps of animal skins--giving them the appearance of being much larger than they actually are. That, along with their lumbering gait, creates a ghastly image.
  Varnal are biologically genderless until a spontaneous pregnancy event happens within their nest. This changes the hormone composition of fellow clan members--who become male--and then fertilize the egg sacs of the new female.
Genetic Descendants


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