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Everscape Timeline

The First Era

... 350 AC

The era of the first ancestors of each race, borne directly of the gods' creation.

  • First Breath of Fadewinter, 1 AC

    The Beginning of Creation
    Era beginning/end

    When the Elder Gods shaped the Everscape.

The Battle Era

701 AC 1000 AC

The era when all the species of Lorhyde fought for land and borders, whilst the Overworld and the Underworld fought amongst each other.

  • First Breath of Fadewinter, 1000 AC

    The First Millennium
    Era beginning/end

    The thousandth year of creation.

The Enlightened Era

1751 AC 2100 AC

Amidst the peace of the Quiet Era, Lorhyde could make quicker progress and developments in magic, trade, agriculture and society.

  • First Breath of Fadewinter, 2000 AC

    The Second Millennium
    Era beginning/end

    The two-thousandth year of creation.