"Ten Years In Wait" MurderHobos|| Krauk

past ten years I have been a General of the King of the West. It was the only way to ensure the surivival of my clan and of my people. With the dragon scale that lines my arms, and my war stained axe at my side I was taken under the tutelage of the the King's most cunning strategists. I learned to speak like them, and think like them and with that knowledge I could see the truth. The strength of my people could not match the sheer power of the mystical traitors of the East. I must protect my people from destruction. Thus under the might of the King's resolve, I unified the Orc under the Banner of the Blood Moon. A stick bundled together is stronger than the one that stands alone. There is no great satisfaction in purging our lands of mages and sorceresses. It is not glorious snuffing out the light of children and women. It is a brutal affair; one that the orc are born into. We are suited for this line of work – if some would call it that. Like a butcher to cattle, I am called upon to cull the herd. The screams and begging are as ineffective as wind is to a wall. With every swing of my axes, and the thousands split into two, the strength of the East dwindles. For ten years, we have been the tip of the spear for the King's vision. I have found my purpose.


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