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The Starlances



There are eight starlances at any given time. They are each supported by around three to ten support staff (squires, smiths, servants and retainers, wyvern grooms).


Each starlance has a wyvern and a suit of well built plate armor. The armor is accented with glowing strips taken from grey wardens, and often includes armored plating taken directly from grey wardens.


The traditional weapon of the starlances is a long lance designed to be used from wyvernback. They also traditionally carry a weapon with a shorter reach for close quarters fighting, and a heavy crossbow.


Seven of the star lances have an equivalent rank (though the power among individuals often changes with the political winds). The starlances are lead by the The Starlance High Console who is almost always one of their number.


The starlances use a variety of tactics depending on the situation. They have specific tactics for working on solo missions both supported and unsupported. They also have a different set of tactics and formations for working together, again both supported and unsupported.


The stalrances are very well trained. They specialize in areal mounted combat, but they are also trained to fight from horseback, and they are trained in unmounted combat.


Logistical Support

The support staff varies for each starlance, but traditionally, each has an armorer, a squire, and a groom. Most add some number of additional individuals to that lineup for varying needs.


Some starlances have a retinue of knights that they use as a supporting auxiliary force.


In addition to the associated lands and titles, it is not cheap to support domesticated wyverns.


Sometimes the title of starlance is passed down hereditary. Others are taken up from the promising youths of from other armed forces. On rare occasions, the title is awarded to someone as a reward for survive or valor.


The starlances were sent to explore, and scout the upper levels of Everfall by the leaders of The First City. After The First City fell, the stralances didn't return to the lower levels. They continued to live and operate out of the ringfort that had been built for them. The city of Rathros sprung up around that fortress. The Starlance Protectorate formed as a governmental framework around the starlances themselves as they protected and surved the people who lived near them. Over time, the starlances went from altruists with a legal framework beholden to their judgement, to enforcers of a legalistic government that began to conquer those around it.

Historical loyalties

The starlances were originally a force of scouts for The First City. When The First City fell, the starlances took up the responsibility of protecting the people living near the fort they operated out of. This shouldering of responsibility eventually became the foundation for The Starlance Protectorate. Eventually, the starlances became beholden to the organization that was built up around them.
Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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