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The Black Eyes


The gang is led by The Blackbird . She delegates most responsibility to a few trusted lieutenants who supervise the day-to-day operations. Their subordinates are the toughs, cutpurses, informants, and the like that work the streets.

Public Agenda

The Black Eyes give a structure to the underground of Opus. They take their cut, and in return, they provide protection and safety.


The Blaxk Eyes have several safe houses. They also run much of their higher level operations out of The Crow's Roost, which they own and operate. In more general terms, the Black Eyes have their fingers in just about every elicit trade that the city has to offer, from protection, to narcotics, to petty theft


The Black Eyes were founded and built up by Theria Blackbird, who still runs the organization. They began as a small street gang, but The Blackbird quickly proved to have a canny mind, and no small skill with manipulating Everfall world systems. Her gang grew quickly, with her early supporters quickly becoming her lieutenants. As they amassed resources, they began to draw the attention of The Silverbow Family which ran much of the Opus underworld. The conflict between the two groups was a near thing, but in the end, The Blackbird's sheer bloodyminded determination won out. The Black eyes sceased most of House Silverbow's assets, leaving them a shadow of what they had once been, and a reminder of why one should never underestimate The Blackbird.   Since then, The Black eyes have been firmly in control of Opus' criminal underworld.
Founding Date
Illicit, Gang
Controlled Territories

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