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House Coldbrand


The lord and lady cold brand run the day to day affairs of the house. Their daughter however is the spider at the center of the web of alliances that are the house's true power.

Public Agenda

House Coldbrand appears a minor house in Opus politics. It is seen as a politically moderate house with progressive leanings, and a strong support for the office of the governors.


Though they do not flaunt it, House Coldbrand has minor holdings in several prominent corporations. They are also owed a wealth of favors by many predominate individuals in Everfall politics. In addition to those two things, house Coldbrand's most valuable assets lie in its carefully maintained web of alliances. If there is any conflict in Everfall, the chances are that House Coldbrand has some kind of alliances with both sides.


House Coldbrand is old, but they have never been prominent. Several times throughout history, its members have become advisers and scholars.

Smile broadly, and always keep your dagger close at hand

Founding Date
Pre Age of Schollars
Political, Family

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