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It is said that Everfall shall be turned upon its head, and when this happens, all shall know that half the life of the world has passed. Then shall be known the time of Arrival. Upon the day of arrival, another world shall appear in the sky, and life upon Everfall shall be destined to end. The legends around the day of arrival are numerous and very contradictory, but they all agree that it is a time of upheaval and ending. Some legends state that it is also a time of renewal.

Historical Basis

The Legend comes from an ancient conversation between The Navigator and The First Scholar. This conversation took place soon after The Great Betrayal, and what specifically was said has been lost. What has been remembered is the core of the legend of Arrival.


The myth of Arrival exists all over Everfall. The form and specifics of the legend change from place to place, but its basic shape stays the same. Everfall's days are numbered, and the day of Arrival shall mark its end.

Variations & Mutation

Some versions of the Arrival myth say that once the day of Arrival comes, life on Everfall will end. Other versions interpret as life as it currently stands on Everfall will end, but it shall be reborn into a new world. One version of the myth common to Engieren states that on the day of arrival, the restless dead shall rise and walk once more. One variation of that version says that on the day of Arrival, Everfall shall become one with the world beyond, all shall live forever in an idyllic afterlife.

Cultural Reception

The people of Everfall know that their world is not eternal. They know that its days are numbered. For some, this notion of impermanence is terrifying. Some do all they can to defy the end of all things. Others find it freeing, they take the inevitable end as permission, or as a mandate to live a life worth living.

In Literature

The myth of Arrival is a common folk tail across Everfall, but there has also been a considerable amount of ink expended in academic circles as to the specific nature and meaning of the story. There have also been numerous theories as to what specifically the story is taking about when it speaks of the world being turned on its head.

In Art

Depictions of Arrival on Everfall vary greatly. Some artists depict images of fire and destruction. Others depict great natural disasters or hoards of undead or grey wardens destroying the world. One artist instead depicted arrival as a time of reunion, with the dead greeting the living with loving embraces and tears of joy.
Date of First Recording
The legend is thought to date from actual events during The Age of The Scholars. It was recorded before most histories begin (with the end of The First Wars .

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