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Evercode is a simulation based game that is still in a beta testing phase. It requires a custom visor to play and is becoming a cult phenomenon. Originally made in the year 2XX6, it's full potential is unknown, as it is the first RAG (reactive action game) to be made. The world grows as the player base does, creating unique situations, and intense action. Not much has been revealed about the alpha, as it has been scraped. The world of Evercode is heavily based off science fiction from the 20th and 21st centuries, blending, bridging and expanding upon several different fanbases. It has quickly become the favorite of live streamers and game channels alike. Even government agencies are desperate to join, for there is some secret locked deep within Evercode that explains how the world could potentially work in the real world. This promise has scared several countries and they have all jumped at the chance to claim the 'secret' for themselves.   As of this moment Evercode has five different geographic regions and multiple different races of npcs, with the promise of more to come.


The Threat of the Second Wave

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