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To each as he needs, as he can afford, or as he is deserving, or so goes the world. The Emperor of all Seas; His Majesty Emperor Folkden III of Velitalia declares that the reds must fall, the Reds under Grand Comrade Admiral Bialçesç revel in the glory of revolutions won and sulk in the cost in retort, but around their feet followers of Dragons dance.


The Great Abşţe Revolution still hangs heavy in the minds of the world, and still holds sway over politicking and events leading closer to the present. Its bloodiness unforgettable, and its meanings lost on no one. How much further can the revolution spread? Valčuk. It shall be stopped in the Graschenlands! But already it cuts into Strieg and Yremiza. The Old World has been shaken, but His Majesty shall endure. Cavaria, however, grows as a thorn in the side of Velitalia - prosperous, powerful, and corrupt. Throughout the Graschenlands militaries take the reigns of governance through these trying times, and in Haerdravo new religion grows to supercede that of old, as was done a nearly a millenium ago.


Velitalia races ahead of Cavaria to build the fleets that shall pioneer the new age, whilst Kopultria holds its head above the wounds of its revolution. The seas feel filled not with water, but with steel. Armies grow for the inevitable confrontation, Cavaria's homeland safe behind division upon division of dogged soldiers, their sky watched by fleets of craft to rival those of Velitalia's dominions, which stand each together with the homeland.


What shall come of centuries if strife? What is built upon the bodies of millions? As it stands, what will be is a war like no other, as Velitalia and Cavaria raise sabres at odds, pulling coalitions to their aid, political tendrils reaching even the most innocent of state. What will become of all this is soon to be seen, and right to be feared.