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Leaffall 10, 9 AC

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In this world, players will make the origin story to the first set of Heroes in the new age. Just 9 years after the last calamity where craters with portals to other planes opened up and a few baddies were released into the world. The old heroes were not successful in capturing the evil behind it, Noros.   Nearly 10 years later, the world has flourished. The evil is thought to be gone, the economy is thriving, there has been serious advancements in technology, and the creatures are no longer at war. With relations being so good between the towns and cities of Asera, there is an increase in exploration, development of the large land and expansion.   The players will find all sorts of races and creatures in this world. At all corners of Eveon you'll find a unique landscape with a unique civilization that inhabits that land. The continents, Ryole, Asera...(Don't forget to add them). Some are more inhabited than others and some are more inhabitable than others.